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Looking for your Team Name, Colors, City, State, Slogan, or Mascot?   If we don’t already have it in our Premade Cheerleading Voice Overs section, we will make it for you:)  We are also happy to produce custom voice overs for those that know exactly what they want! Use the search function to find your favorite Cheerleading Voice Overs!

We have both Male and Female voices ranging from announcer, big movie voice, cute, and urban styles.  Choose your favorite voice artist and style and we’ll send you back the voice overs that you’ve been dreaming of!

To download premade voice overs, just purchase and download through the account/download page:)

Our experienced and professional staff is ready to perform the best vocal delivery possible. Cheer Music Voice Overs have evolved quite a bit over the last couple years. More and more routines are using raps, deep voices, cute and sassy girls, and over the top vocal effects to bring the level of excitement to a boiling point. Let us show you just how good voice overs can sound. Upload your mix and have us add our voice overs on top, or use our voice overs for your own personal use.