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Here are a few essential reasons why you should do business with CheerVO™, your cost effective solution to cheer mix voice overs. Sure, there are many cheer mix providers out there are who provide bundle services, in which they produce music and add supplemental voice overs. But do you know what this really means? That they are not uniquely specialized in cheer mix voiceovers. If you are seeking clear, high quality, music voice overs in your cheer music, you must reserve your spot with CheerVO™ today to arrange your voice over tracks. This is our specialty. Many companies attempt to spread themselves too thin, which ultimately detracts from the quality of their services. We, however, centralize our focus on voice overs, with a minimal focus on other areas (such as premade mixes). Hence, you can rest assured that you will only perceive a professional level of service.


Cheerleading voice overs or cheer voice overs, cannot be performed dismissively or nonchalantly. Many companies use ordinary speakers in order to record these voice tracks. We, however, hire professional voice talents to perform these services. What does this mean for you? Professional voice talents are endowed with a unique gift. They possess a unique voice that is distinguishable from all others in sound, timbre, pitch, and overall quality. Hence, the person performing the voice over is just as important as the studio equipment itself. We have a network consisting of voice talents from professional radio and TV, a top notch service that other premade music mixing businesses cannot provide.


We understand the urgency of cheerleading practice, as well as cheerleading competitions. For this reason, we have a rapid turnaround time of approximately 5 days, which is just enough time to promptly give you the voice over track you need, and to ensure optimal quality.


Our company also has an additional service that is rarely found among our competitors. You can purchase a slow down cheer music mix if necessary. This is of fundamental importance because cheer practice often requires a slowed down rendition of the actual routine, especially if complex stunts are being performed. Slow down your mix in order to go through routine practice meticulously and precisely, ensuring that all members of your cheer squad are learning at the same pace.


Cheer Voice Overs

Cheer Voice Overs at CheerVO

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